Delhi to Mathura

Delhi to Mathura

Are you a devotee of Lord Krishna? Then it would be best if you visited Mathura by now. If you are a Delhiite, the trip is so short and convenient, and you will love going on a weekend with your friends and family and knowing the culture and birthplace and many more spots to learn more about Shri Krishna.

Delhi is the heart of the country, and almost all famous destinations are near to it. If you are planning for a fantastic weekend with your family, Mathura is the best decision ever. Do make a prior booking before the journey, contact Alaskan fly for more details.

Distance and time were taken to reach Mathura:

  • Mathura is only 186 km away from Delhi and can be travelled in 3-4 hours easily.
  • By car – 3 hours 30 mins
  • By bus- 3 hours 45 mins

Few highlights of the trip

If you are traveling by car, it will be a memorable tour, whereas the bus also has its advantages. There are lots of tours and travels from where you can rent a car with a driver and where you enjoy this exotic journey. If the vacation is planned well, it will be q lot more fun.

  • Do your research well

Take your time to research the best possible bus and car tour agency covering all the prominent spots. Look for the agency that provides sightseeing between the journey.

  • Go as per your convenience-

If you are traveling, look out for the best comfortable options to enhance the joy of your trip. For a few bucks, don’t kill your wish. Make it a memorable trip with the best possible package.

  • Be sure to study the whole trip before going

Even after booking the cabs, look for cheaper and comfortable hotels, look for eateries, restaurants, and do the homework of studying the sightseeing spot to know the history even without the guide. You can google about the locations before reaching, and it will give you ample knowledge, and you will be familiar with the city.

This will save your time and also will plan your budget accordingly. Planning vacations beforehand will make the journey smoother and memorable.

Five famous spots to visit in Mathura:

  1. Vaishno Devi Dham- it is the holy place for the devotees as it has a temple dedicated to Vaishno Devi. It is one of the most famous pilgrimages for Hindus. There are libraries and yoga centres next to the temple to provide lots of peace to your mind.
  2. Radha Kund- by the name itself, we can imagine it is someplace where Radha Ji used to stay. It is the place that is remembered for the pure love of Lord Krishna and Radha Ji. It is located in Govardhan hills in Braja. The water tanks in braja are considered sacred and pure and have the healing power to cure any disease. Lots of devotees take a dip in the water at midnight.
  3. Kusum Sarovar– Kusum Sarovar is the most famous heritage of Vrindavan, made up of aged stone and reservoirs as a border. The stairs lead to a beautiful pond which has clean and pure water. It is relaxing to the mind to sit there and watch the sunset.
  4. Vishram ghat– The ghat means the river, and vishram means rest. The vishram ghat is located on the outskirts of Mathura, around 4.5 km away from the town. The Yamuna River flows from the ghat and is considered holy. You will see lots of devotees taking bathe in the sacred Yamuna to wash their sins and stress.
  5. Shri Krishna janamsthan- this is the place where Lord Krishna was born. There is a lot of evidence revealed by the archeologists to prove that it is the birthplace of Shri Krishna. The heritage is made of ancient architecture and is a treat to watch for the eyes.

Famous eateries in Mathura:

  • Agrawal restaurants 
  • Shankar mithai Wala
  • Shri Radha Krishna family Dhaba
  • Dosa plaza divinity
  • The chowks chai chowk
  • Famous kachori center
  • Loft Cafe and restaurant 
  • Shri Krishna bhojnalay

We hope that the above information provided by us will be beneficial for your trip and also you can look for more details from google. Let us know where how your trip was in the comments below.

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