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Meghalaya plateaus are also called the land in clouds because of their exquisite hilly slopes and heavy rainfall. Located in India, it is a great tourist spot for people who find peace in the mountains. It is present near Bangladesh and Bramhaputra valley.

Shillong is the capital and most beautiful city in Meghalaya. It is the pilgrimage for Hindus and one of the best vacation spots for families. But if you want to enjoy the cold, Mawsynram is the right choice for you. Read further to know about the highlights of the state and the unique details you should catch on. Do contact us for more information, we the Alaskan fly always ready to serve.

What are ways to reach Meghalaya?

To start your trip, you can travel through airways, trains or any private transport as per your convenience. The distance between Delhi and Shillong is 2004.6 km. So, travelling through the air is the fastest if you live in Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur, Kolkata, and Nagaland. These states get connected to Umrai Airport in Shillong.

People from the other states need to travel to Guwahati through airways or trains. From there, you can hire a cab or bus to reach Meghalaya. Travelling directly by car for Delhites can be tedious because of 38 hours road trip. 

Please be cautious while driving on the hilly slopes. Even though the roads are well paved, they get slippery in the monsoon due to heavy rainfall and stagnant water.

Places that you should not miss

Meghalaya Caves

There are plenty of caves made with limestones like the Garo and Khasi in the Meghalaya. These possess a peaceful and cooling ambience; you will feel like an explorer. The state is also known as the garden of Caves because of multiple tourist attractions like Mawsmai Cave, Siju-Dobkhakol, Krem Mawmluh, and Krem Umshangktat.

All of them have a fixed entry fee and, you may even have to pay parking charges.


Every hilly state gets gushed with streams to steep slopes, and so is Meghalaya. It gets surmounted with multiple scenic spots but, Elephant fall is the most crowded and commercial. 

You can spend a lot of time near it because of the food vendors and attractive merchandise, handicrafts shops. You can buy a small souvenir for your family and friends.

Some of the peaceful and awe-inspiring waterfalls are across the road into the jungle. You shall not miss Spread Eagle Falls, Mawsmai Falls, and Imilchang Dare. You will find storm Clouds in Khas Hills waterfall, which causes heavy rainfall.

Lady Hydari Park

It is an eye-catching garden with multiple varieties of flowers and plants that soothe your eyes. Along with them, you can find animals in the mini zoo next to it. The garden looks most alluring during the months between April to October.

Umiam Lake

This beautiful tourist attraction got created after building a dam on the Umiam river. You will need to stop between the ride from Guwahati to Shillong to see it. If you like boating and Kayaking, then this is the best spot for you.


It is a scenic town near Bangladesh borders with an emerald green lake. The best part about it is the road trip because first, you need to pull up to the hills and then go deep to the valleys to reach Dawki. 

This route is the reason why Meghalaya is known as the City of Clouds.

Various mini waterfalls and water streams bring a scenic view to the valleys. You can even try boating in the lake.


It is a great place for newlyweds and families. It has the highest rainfall parameter in the country, and the tallest waterfall in India, Nohkalikai Falls, is situated next to it. Several other sightseeing options include a rainbow waterfall, mawsmai caves, seven sister’s waterfall, and Arwah caves. 

Due to heavy rainfall, it becomes difficult to leave the hotel and, the view is unclear due to pertaining fog. You can go trekking and reach the alive root bridges. You will need to take a detour to view the whole location but, it will be worth it. Some small restaurants in the town serve the home-cooked meal with very hospitable hosts.

Maylynnog Village

It is a small village with a population of 600 people. It has set the record for the tidiest place in Asia and has a 92% literacy rate with women empowerment strategies. 

There are many tourist spots like live root bridges, sky view of Bangladesh, waterfalls, etc. The best thing about it is the lip-smacking local delicacies that you shall not miss.

What are the commuting and staying services available?

The mountain beauty gets seen while travelling on roads as you see clouds pass by you and go into the valleys. There are many rental car and bike services that you can opt for as per convenience. 

You can also get a local driver who can also be your tour guide. Avoid using public transport due to erratic timings.

You shall always pre-book for hassle-free visits. There are many hotels, lodges, and camping options you can try. The most suitable months for pluviophile are April to October because there is greenery and the region receives heavy rainfall.

Food and Culture

Pork is used in all its glory in most of the non-veg dishes in MeghalayaThere are many street foods made in Meghalaya Jadoh is the most famous. 

It’s a mix of pork and rice with a traditional touch. You can also try other delicacies like Doh-Khlieh, Nakham Bitchi, Pumaloi, Pudoh, Minil Songa, etc.

Local People are well versed in Hindi, English, Garo, and Khasi languages. There is several traditional believes and religions followed along with the state. 

Agriculture is the prime source of earning in the towns and, many handicrafts get sold in local shops that add to its commerce.

If you are looking for a place with natural beauty and blissful scenic attractions, Meghalaya is the best option for you. You will not regret travelling here and make plenty of unforgettable memories. Flora and fauna are so welcoming that you get rooted with them. 

There are various national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and biosphere reserves that you shall not miss. Please share your experience with us.

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