Road Trip to Nainital from Delhi

Road Trip to Nainital from Delhi

What about a road trip to Nainital from Delhi this weekend? Road trips are the best escape route to catch some fresh air from the daily grey life. Traveling also helps us to find our true souls. Sometimes we didn’t have much time to plan a long trip. In those times, road trips are a lifesaver and stress releaser. In India, there are various suitable road trip destinations available to please our eyes. 

One of the underrated and hidden gems is Nainital. A Delhi to Nainital Road Trip is a perfect plan to give your heart and mind a little relief after a long and hectic week. We collect all updates about distance, cuisines, must-visit spots, ways to go to the final destination to let you know the best plan to spend on your weekend.

The hidden beauty of North India:

North India is all about new surprises and hidden beauties. You can’t even imagine some great beauties underlying the busy roads. One of the heavenly historic beauties in Nainital. This place is a least-appreciated travel location which hid so many beautiful secrets in it. 

The road trip of Nainital from Delhi is a bucket full of charming mountains, shining valleys, eye-catching scenarios, and many more mind refreshing views.

One of the most important things to remember on a road trip is the distance between two places. The total distance between Delhi to Nainital is 316.1 km. This whole journey takes at least 7 hours to reach your exact destination. A cozy and ideal time to plan a great short family trip or holiday to escape from your monotonous routine.

The best time to visit this beautiful scenario is March to June. But if you want to see and experience snow, the perfect time is November to February. Plan according to your thoughts and start the trip.

What are the ways to go on this North Indian road trip?

There are two possible ways to go on road trips. 

  • Delhi to Nainital through Rampur.
  • Delhi to Nainital through kaladhungi.

A brief overview of the road of Delhi to Nainital through Rampur:

This road starts from Delhi to Ghaziabad to Hapur to Garh Mukteswar, Gajraula, and then a straight drive from Rampur to Haldwani and Kathgodam to reach Nainital. The journey to Moradabad is really easy and enjoyable, but after crossing the town, the journey turns to be rash and crowded.

A brief overview of the road Delhi to Nainital through kaladhungi.

  • When you take this route, you’ll be traversing from Delhi to Ghaziabad, then Hapur towards Garmukteshwar heading to Gajraula.
  • Then Moradabad leads to Tanda, then Bazpur and Kaladhungi — finally reaching Nainital. As compared to the former route, this way is a lot better. Since it is somewhat isolated, it gives you the privilege of breath-taking views along your drive and avoiding traffic congestion too. And since the condition of the road is great, you may even reach before the estimated time.

Top 5 best places to visit between this road trip:

We select the top 5 best places to visit during this road trip:

  1. Nalini lake.
  2. Eco cave Garden.
  3. Naina Devi temple.
  4. Snow viewpoint.
  5. The lands end.

Nalini lake: 

If you go Nainital and return without visiting this place, it is a completely lost journey for you. You couldn’t imagine Nainital without the Naini lake. It’s a beautiful crescent-shaped lake situated at the bottom of the heart of Nainital and surrounded by gorgeous snow-filled peaks.

The beauty of this lake, alongside so many spectacular locations, isn’t something that you get to see elsewhere. The best time to visit is from 6 am to 6 pm. Entry fees are free. The best route to reach here is closer to the Nainital bus station, and you can easily drive to Nalini lake.

Eco cave Garden: 

A unique concept of caves is famous for its interconnected caves and charming hanging gardens. Being shaped like animals, these are wonderful sites to visit in Nainital. You’ll be amazed to see the six caves that resemble animals. These caves have been named after the wild beasts like panther cave, bat cave, tiger cave, and many other attractions. The best time to visit is from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. The entry fee is 20 INR for adults and 10 INR for children. The best way to reach this destination is walking or driving just 1 Km from Mall Road to reach here.

Naina Devi temple:

The reason behind Nainital getting its name is the profound Naina Devi Temple in the town’s hills. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Sati, and you’ll get to view lots of devotees visiting it throughout the year to worship her. Being one of the oldest and important temples in the Hindu religion, it’s a must-visit place for you in Nainital.

The best time to visit this temple is 6 am – 10 pm. The suitable route to reach here is as this temple is located at a hillock, you’ll have to climb the way up. But to reach the main point, you can hire a cab or walk easily.

The land end:

Just across the Khurpa Tal is the vast expanse of space aptly called the Land’s End. We mean it, the land ends here, and you couldn’t see anything else other than cliffs and the large White Mountains. If you love trekking, it’s a first-class option for you to explore.

Otherwise, just to capture the view, you can even take a ride to reach here. The suitable time to go to this place is when allowed due to the clear climate.

The best route to visit this place is 4 Km from the town, and you can cover the distance through a car before trekking up or hiring an animal for a ride.

The snow viewpoint:

As the name suggests, it’s an alluring point from where you can view the esteemed Himalayan ranges all clad in milky white snow. You will also get to view all the beautiful peaks and destinations of Nainital from here.

The best time to visit is 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. Though this point is accessible through a cable car, you can reach the cable car station via a cab or car from Mall Road.

Things to definitely do on this road trip?

  • Shopping from Mall Road.
  • Experience boating at Nalini lake.
  • Experience the best adventure sports in North India.

Ten must-have foods in Nainital:

Road trips are incomplete without street food and great restaurants. That’s why we are here with the ten best places to have food during this road trip.

  1. Pastries at Sakley’s
  2. Tea and snacks at The Boat House Club
  3. Pizza at Embassy Restaurant
  4. Momos at Sonam Fast Food
  5. Bal Mithai at Mamu’s Naini Sweets
  6. Coffee at Cafe du Mall
  7. Punjabi food at Sher-e-Punjab
  8. Laccha Parathas at Chandni Chowk
  9. Fried Prawns at Machan
  10. Bun Tikki at Lakshmi Restaurant

Mark all these places on your bucket list, try the best food, and create memories with different foods.

A complete guide for your upcoming trip. Hopefully, it will help you to plan accordingly. We start from a brief overview of the destination distance and cover all crucial must-visit places and also serve you the name of the best place to eat with the name of the best dishes.

You can share your trip experiences and memories of the trip in the comment section below, and let us know from your book of memories. 

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