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This blog will fill with lots of information, activities, and fun while traveling to Jaipur from Delhi by car or bike. We all prefer to cover short distances from cars and bikes as it is easy and convenient. Traveling to Jaipur or any other short-distance place from Delhi can be relaxing for a weekend.

Let us give a quick tour of what, when, and how to explore while traveling to Pink city.

Why Jaipur?

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, with pure Indian traditions and a blend of classical culture with contemporary lifestyles. The city is the perfect mixture of ancient and modern lifestyles. It is called the pink city of India with mesmerizing spots for sightseeing and, of course, beautiful cultural heritage. Jaipur is the most attractive city for tourists as well. It is famous for its captivating history and is known worldwide.

Jaipur has the most convenient highways to make traveling smoother and safer for tourists. The journey will be pretty flexible and probably without many hurdles.

The journey

If you are traveling by car, you will get beautiful sightseeing points to explore and relax. You can find old villages and ecstatic landscapes while driving, and the one you find most interesting can take a stopover.

Jaipur is 477 km from Delhi, which will take around 5 hours to reach via car.

The fastest route

  • Delhi to Jaipur via NH48
  • The first stop or city will be Gurgaon
  • Then Bhiwadi
  • Neermana
  • Jaipur

The first step you can take is from Bhiwadi, where you can do little sightseeing as it is famous for Vijay Mandir palace and Jaisamand lake.

Neemrana – this place is quite famous for the ancient palace known as Neemrana palace. From the castle, you can quickly locate the Aravalli mountains. The ambiance in the night is a treat to watch at this place.

Eateries on tour –

  • Haldiram’s
  • Just desi

We will not skip the toll fare. It is ₹320 for only one way.

Blend in the city of culture

The beautiful monuments, the ecstatic history, and mesmerizing culture will make you feel proud about incredible India. You will merge yourself in such pure and classical traditions of the city as if you are a localities there. The city is coloured pink with pink stones and marble that making it the pink city. Heritage like Hawa mahal is a perfect example of ancient engineering skills and beautiful sculpture.

Sightseeing points at Jaipur

  • The beautiful Hawa mahal
  • The amber palace
  • The Jaipur fort
  • Jantar Mantar
  • Nahargarh fort
  • Albert hall museum

The Hawa mahal and amber place are beautiful when visited in a day.

Whereas Nahargarh can be exquisite and a striking visual at sunset time.

The best month to go on a vacation in Jaipur

The best months to travel to this exotic city are October last to march starting. The weather at this time will be pleasant and will make your journey memorable. Other months we will be pretty sunny and uncomfortable as it is a desert place, save yourself from harmful heat and radiation and pack your bags this winter.

Best eateries in Jaipur

1. Palak paneer at Sharma Dhaba

2. Rajasthani thali at chokhi Dhani village resort

3. Anokhi cafe for penne pasta

4. Daal Baluchi at Baluchi restaurant

And, of course, a lot more. But these are the best to eat.

  • You can find hotels available at all famous sightseeing places. You can find the nearby hotel from Google maps and even book it in advance from various applications like MakeMyTrip, go ibibo, Oyo rooms, etc.
  • We have provided you with all the relevant details. Let us know how and when you’re planning, and if you are using our guide, how was your beautiful journey.

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